What is ZuTapp®?

What is ZuTapp®? An app, a portal, and a simple way to save.


ZuTapp® is a new mobile app that can be used for asset management, remote on-site presence management, and physical verification at a location.

Place a ZuTapp® tag on anything and create a paperless log with every tap.

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Forget manual document storage and record-keeping.

Forget the great data hunt!

With ZuTapp® you can save precious time and cost, improve on reliability and safety, and act sustainably, through this simple yet sophisticated digital solution.


How ZuTapp® works

If choosing to use ZuTapp®, you will firstly need to download the ZuTapp® App from the App Store (Apple iPhone) or Google Play (Android), set up the appropriate ZuTapp® tags, and then access and set up the secure, cloud-based portal to ensure the appropriate data is being captured.

Once you’ve got the app and system set up, the rest is (also) easy.


For Asset Management

  1. Attach a ZuTapp® tag to your asset.
  2. Open the ZuTapp® app and tap the tag with your phone, which will open the asset log in the portal.
  3. Review/update the asset information in the portal as required.
  4. Job done!

Your phone will also receive prompts regarding asset maintenance requirements, completed maintenance results, overdue actions, missed checks, and so on.


For Physical Attendance Verification

  1. Attach a ZuTapp® tag to the entrance of your location.
  2. Upon arrival/entry, each employee should open the ZuTapp® app and tap the tag with their phones, creating a digital timesheet in the ZuTapp® portal.
  3. You can then review/retrieve information from the portal to check attendance.
  4. Job done!

You can later retrieve the information you need from the portal within seconds – asset service history, attendance data, etc. You can also opt to receive automated prompts and reminders in accordance with your scheduling.