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Paul Remy Bar de Tapas y Vino

A simple ZuTapp® gives me every fridge temp in Remy. It makes keeping food safety so much easier and I love the history logs. ZuTapp® allows me to share my fridge temps with the Council every hour directly without any input from me. It shows them I am 100% committed to food safety!

Tiff Cook

“ZuTapp® helps keep track of when my gym equipment was last serviced. It's great having the information available at the touch of a button.

John Edgington

“ZuTapp® helps us show our customers exactly when and who cleaned the office. It's so easy for our cleaners to record start and finish times for every clean.”

Tony Grant

“Putting a ZuTapp® onto each asset makes it so much easier to check when the asset was last serviced and the next service due date. It's so easy to check the portal and find assets that are overdue for servicing..”