Assets Z marks the spot.


In any industry, it is critical to ensure your assets are performing properly. That means safely, and cost-effectively.

Did you realise that QR codes – commonly used for asset management and maintenance – can be photographed, stored, and then scanned from another phone at any time, without an employee even attending the site? This results in inaccurate data and underperforming assets, which could prove costly in time, money, and safety.

ZuTapp® invites the accurate logging and tracking of asset performance and maintenance in real time – with no option to ‘cheat’.

Using reliable NFC technology rather than QR codes, ZuTapp® ensures the on-site presence of a service technician. Physical on-site verification is a key requirement for all service technicians, and all users need to be authorised to use the ZuTapp® portal – you can’t just ask a mate to step in!

ZuTapp®’s paperless system will also send notifications to any authorised party when a service technician arrives on-site, so you can digitally track this attendance in addition to your assets.

Your real-time data on asset service times and history is then current and accurate, and you know that your assets and your personnel remain safe.

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