Here are some answers to some common questions.


What is ZuTapp®?

ZuTapp® is a new mobile app – compatible with all types of mobile phone – that uses NFC technology to enable accurate real-time asset management and physical attendance verification across numerous industries, including health & safety, maintenance, hotels and restaurants. More information on the app and its supporting cloud-based system can be found here

What does ZuTapp® do?

ZuTapp® keeps track of your assets and people in an easy and cost-effective way. It can be used for asset management, remote on-site presence management, and physical verification at a location. More information on how ZuTapp® can be used can be found here.

How does ZuTapp® work?

ZuTapp® is a simple digital solution that provides a coordinated approach to your asset and attendance data. All you need is the ZuTapp® app on your mobile phone, some ZuTapp® tags, and access to our secure, cloud-based portal. Simply by opening the ZuTapp® app and tapping a ZuTapp® tag with your phone, you can effectively manage your assets, and your people, in real time. Learn more here.

How is NFC (near-field communication) different to QR codes?

Near-field communication is a set of communication protocols that enables communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4 cm or less. ZuTapp® tags must be tapped on-site by a person’s mobile phone – keeping them accountable and ensuring each job is undertaken properly.

Is there a way to dupe the system?

No. ZuTapp® must be tapped by an authorised user who has access to the system. Businesses select their own authorised users.

Can I use ZuTapp® on my phone?

ZuTapp® is compatible with all types of mobile phone. More information on the technology is available here

How long does it take to set up?

ZuTapp® takes just minutes to set up. The App can be downloaded from the App Store (Apple iPhone) or Google Play (Android), and we can grant you with instant access to our safe, cloud-based portal. ZuTapp® tags will then need to be assigned to each of your assets/items, so you can later retrieve the information you need within seconds. Do you have additional queries on set-up? Contact us for a non-obligatory chat.

Will my data be secure?

Yes! All information collated by ZuTapp® is stored on a secure cloud-base portal, which is password protected.

How can ZuTapp® save a life?

ZuTapp® can provide one centralised database for all Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), which captures the location details and service status of each AED. The public can also access the AED location information, so that, in the event of someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest, they can retrieve the nearest AED and potentially save a life.

Why the name ZuTapp?®

Essentially, ZuTapp® means “To tap’. In German, Zu means ‘To’. A nice, simple word, but one that, we feel, creates an impact. ‘Tap’ is the action taken to log your data on the portal via the app. The two p’s in ‘tapp’ cleverly incorporate the word ‘app’!